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Design & Application of Visible Light Communication, Video Transmission; Coding and Decoding, The Communication Protocol based on Lighting Emitting Diode

Light-emitting diode (LED) is a promising semiconductor optoelectronic device, which has small size, long life, environmental protection and many other advantages. Due to its nanosecond time response of luminescence, LED can achieve high-speed modulation of information. Indoor LED lighting source is regarded as communication base station, through high frequency flashing of the lighting source to pass on information, downstream data link with a wireless transmission protocol complementary is provided and lighting and communication integration is implemented. In the aspect of electromagnetic radiation, communication efficiency and safety, it has a lot of advantages over radio frequency (RF), which is a new high-speed data transmission mode. In this paper, by using the advantage of short response time of LED, a visible light communication system based on On-Off Keying (OOK) modulation and demodulation technique is designed, which can improve lighting quality and adaptation to the environment without changing the lighting LED spectral components. By using software and hardware combination, video transmission between the two devices is complemented by optical communication. The prototype of the test platform is constructed, and then debugging and analyzing is conducted. The video transmission is further tested, and the feasibility of the scheme is verified, which meets expected goals. This system provides a method for information transmission and has theoretical and practical guidance for LED optical communication. Keywords - Visible Light Communication; Video Transmission; Coding And Decoding; Communication Protocol; LED Lighting