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Automatic Solar Tracker using Msp430 Microcontroller

Renewable resource is a natural resource which reduces the resource depletion caused by excessive usage and consumption. It forms the major part in the ecosphere. Some of them are sun, fresh water, wind etc. Out of all these solar energy tops the list, since it is more efficient and can be easily converted to other forms. We can’t expect maximum power from a stationary panel. In order to maximize the output power, the solar panels must be in phase with the sun. By using panels that can be rotated along an axis, with respect to the position of the sun, we can improve the efficiency of conversion by at least 40-50%. This paper proposes exactly the same idea where in a solar tracking system is designed with the help of MSP430 micro controller which is programmed to track the sunlight and to make sure that the solar panel is made to receive a great volume of sunlight and help in generating a considerably large amount of power. Keywords- Renewable Resource, Solar Energy, Stepper Motor, Solar Panel, MSP430