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Remote Learning: Android Operated Educational Robot Arm With 6 DOF

This paper addresses an intelligent optimal control for a flexible robot arm that is driven by a permanent-magnet synchronous servo motor. An intelligent optimal control of robot arm with 5 axes with servo gripper is proposed by the instructions given through Android device (android app on smart phone). This proposal was addressed to fourth-year engineering students and combines knowledge from android java programming and robotic control to complete an automation project task. The educational robotic arm initially learns to pick up a randomly placed target from a target surface and move it to a predefined destination after which it repeats the contouring process under the presence of the target. This paper presents an off-line trajectory generation algorithm and, therefore, it possesses significant industrial implications, as no hardware changes are needed for its implementation. The proposed method has been experimented with Dexter ER-1 Robotic Arm for optimum project based learning.