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Design of Prosthetic Finger Replacements Using Surface EMG Signal Acquisition

Design and Implementation of prosthetic functional human limb/finger replacements, using surface based acquisition of Electromyogram bio electric signals pertaining to the underlying muscle tissue. At times people are born with physical disabilities with respect to their limbs, or suffer loss of digits, fingers or toes or the human limbs as results of various scenarios such as severing, amputation in cases of conditions such as diabetes, gangrene, surgery, accidents, loss due to frost bites etc., which leads to partial or complete loss of functional finger tissue and bone. This paper aims at maximum replication of the human finger through the use of mechanical prosthetic replacements and re-establishing limb/finger functions. This can be achieved by observing muscle electrical activity at the required points, which control human limb and finger movement, tap that electrical signal and use it to drive a prosthetic replacement that is controlled by a servo. This way, the lost limb or finger is partially restored.