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Robust Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Approach In Controlling The Duffing’s Chaotic System

Chaos reveals a nonlinear behavior of chaotic system with the extreme sensitivity to initial conditions. Chaos adequately justify the complicated behavior of phenomena by presenting a very simple models comprises a limited equations which involve the deterministic, dynamical systems in continuous time space to present the copacetic approximation of real world. This is of particular relevance in the control of chaos as it is so complicated in regard of its nonlinearity behavior. In chaotic system solutions never converge to a specific numbers and vary chaotically from one amount to the other next. A tiny perturbation in a chaotic system may result in chaotic, periodic, or stationary behavior. Modern controllers are introduced for controlling the chaotic behavior. In this research an adaptive Fuzzy Logic Controller (AFLC) is proposed to control the Duffing’s chaotic system. This is an adaptive progressed fashion provide the empowered control facility in facing of nonlinear systems. AFLC methodology is an advanced control fashion yielding to both robustness and smooth motion in chaotic system control.