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Research on the System Construction of Disaster-Exploration Unmanned Vehicle

The main purpose of this study is to establish anomni directional, stable unmanned vehicle (UV) system that integrates the mecanum wheel and robotic arm based on sensors for disaster exploration. Firstly, according to the task requirements, we set up the sensor module, core control module, motor drive module, remote control module, and robotic arm module. We applied the dynamic information of the vehicle collected by the sensor mudule to help establish the more accurate math models of the unmanned vehicle and robotic arm system that will facilitate the subsequent designs of the smooth controllers. On the vehicle structure, the feature of the mecanum wheel enables the UV to travel flexibly in a confined space for disaster exploration. Finally, through the interfaces of the remote monitoring and control system, core control module effectively integrated the software and hardware architectures of the UV system that enabled to stably and accurately control the robotic arm to safely and efficiently dispose explosives materials. Therefore, UV could smoothly complete the tasks of the disaster exploration and explosive disposition. Keywords - Disaster exploration, Unmanned vehicle, Robotic arm