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Reduction of Mutual Coupling of Patch Array Antennas using CSRR

Microstrip array antennas are widely used in communication networks especially in radar and satellite communication due to their various advantages. They are light weight, easy to fabricate and when we come to their performance characteristics, they provide high gain and beam forming and steering capabilities. But mutual coupling is one of their drawbacks. By using metamaterials like Slot combined complementary split ring resonators (SCCSRR), mutual coupling can be decreased and hence improve the overall performance of the antenna structure. In this paper, a 2x1 linear microstrip patch antenna array is designed on a FR4 substrate with dielectric constant of 4.3 and height 1mm. This patch operates at resonant frequency of 2.4GHz. The two patches are placed quarter wavelength apart. When SC-CSRR is placed in between the two patches, nearly 40dB mutual coupling reduction is observed. Keywords - Microstrip Patch Antenna, Metamaterials, Slot Combined Complementary Split Ring Resonators, Mutual Coupling.