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Breast Cancer Detection by using Microwave Ultra-Wideband Antenna

In this paper, we present a quasi-rhomboid antenna for breast cancer detection with ultra-wideband antenna. The proposed antenna was constructed in quasi-rhomboid shaped. Antenna with a 50 Ω micro-strip feed line was fabricated on dielectric substrate (FR-4) and antenna analysis was conducted by using the Computer Simulation Technology (CST Studio). In measurement, it is found that the proposed antenna has return loss, less than -10 dB and impedance bandwidth of 118.2 % (2:1 VSWR) which covered frequency range 3.34-9 GHz to use in the application for breast cancer detection is based on the power transmitted through S21 using the Vector network analyzer model HP8722D. The system has been tested for cancer by measuring the power transmitted from the antenna. Theoretical and conceptual design of the antenna has been used in the design of the antenna, which is based on simulations by CST Microwave Studio. Index Terms - Ultra-Wideband, Microwave Cancer Detection.