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Analysis of 16-NM High Conversion Efficiency All Optical Wavelength Converter based on FWM in Wideband SOA for 100 GBPS DQPSK Signals

In this paper, all optical wavelength conversion (AOWC) based on the four-wave mixing (FWM) effect of wideband semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) is demonstrated. In the proposed AOWC, 100 Gbps DQPSK signals with high conversion efficiency are used for demonstration of AOWC at variable input pump power and carrier lifetime of SOA. The arbitrary wavelength conversion operation is in 1542 nm to 1558 nm range over 16-nm bandwidth. The optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR) above -30 dB for error free operation of all converted DQPSK signals has been achieved. The proposed AOWC has conversion efficiency more than11 dB with negligible power penalties and this AOWC can be used in next generation high speed optical switched networks. Keywords - AOWC, FWM, Wideband SOA, Conversion Efficiency, Q-Factor