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Application of Linear Model Predictive Controller on Liquid Level Control of Storage Tanks

This paper shows the development of an experimental setup of liquid level control system for storage tanks with linear model predictive control and proportional-integral plus derivative control. As the construction of a linear model predictive controller needs the mathematical model of the process to be controlled, therefore this paper also shows various methods of identifying the mathematical model of a practical system and after identification they are validated with good fitness values. Finally a Linear MPC is designed and applied on the developed model and its performance has been evaluated in different process conditions such as external disturbances, measurement noise and different set points. Its performance is also compared with PID controlled process on the basis of disturbance and noise handling capability and it is proved that MPC is having better disturbance rejection and noise filtration capability than PID controller. Key Words - Liquid level control system, gray box model, black box model, Linear Model Predictive Control(LMPC), Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) Control.