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Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna for WIMAX Applications

In this study a conventional microstrip patch antenna and two rectangular microstrip patch antennas with squareshaped split ring metamaterial unit cellsare designed for WIMAX applications. Antenna A is composed of a double 5X5 square-shaped split ring metamaterial and antenna B is composed of a single 5X5 square-shaped split ring metamaterial.Both antennas are designed with the same specifications and are operated at frequency of 3.5GHz. The conventional microstrip antenna and antennas with square-shaped split ring metamaterial unit cells are designed using Getek - ML 200M substrate with dielectric constant 4.1.The designed metamaterial unit cells are etched on the ground plane of the proposed rectangular microstrip patch antennas. The proposed rectangular patch antennas are compared with the conventional patch antenna, which shows that the proposed rectangular patch antennas achieves size reduction as well as bandwidth improvement. Hence the proposed antennas are well suited for WIMAX applications. Keywords - WIMAX, Microstrip Patch Antenna, Metamaterial, Square-Shaped Split Ring Unit cells