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Identification of Snake Type from Image

The Snake is an important constituent of the ecosystem. Most of snake species are found near villages and forest area. As we know that farming is the main occupation of people live in Maharashtra, most of the people live near forest area. Many times, snakes come in residential area, but due to lack of awareness as well as many misconceptions about snake species people kill them. So, saving snake is an important and to clear misconceptions about the snakes, basic snake information such as name, type (venomous /semi-venomous/non-venomous) of snakes should be known. In villages there is a chance that the snake may bite someone, which will be harmful. Incorrect identification of snake is a major cause of death. There are different medicines available for a different snake bite. If we can recognize snake category. then first aid can be done easily. We present PCA based identification of snake name and type from snake images. In this project we will identify the snake from image and by applying the PCA algorithm we display name and type of snake in MATLAB. This system is useful for Snake study, Snake bite first aid treatment, Saving Snakes. Keywords- Snake identification, PCA algorithm, Feature extraction.