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Door Automation and Visitor Notification using Iot

This proposed system is related to the home security system which is used for the doorbell notification purpose. This system could be upgraded easily to make the various functional systems like industrial automation, fire detection, and safety control. The proposed system detects the visitor outer the door. By capturing an image of visitor an email will be directly sent to the owner. For any security system authentication is the important factor. In the proposed system an Android phone is the main media for authentication and receiving the notification of visitor via email. The proposed system can be authenticated by just one click which gives access to the visitor. This system is connected to the cloud via the internet. An Android application provides authenticated information to the cloud and Raspberry retrieves it. On the basis of data, proper action of authentication takes place. The proposed system stores visitors pictures online as well as offline so the owner can get the past year history of the visitor. This system has 97 % accuracy and 3 % inaccuracy. It may occur due to the network problem. So overall system is sustainable and having good future scopefor various applications. Keywords - Internet of Things, Raspberry Pi 3, Cloud, Email, Android Application, Home Automation.