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Metamaterial Patch Antenna with PBG Structure to Reduce Surface Wave

This paper presents a modified design of patch antenna using an artificial material called metamaterial. The resonating frequency of 7.6 GHz patch antenna with RT DUROID 5880 is the substrate. The proposed antenna has a size of 32mm*28mm and thickness 31 mil. Microstrip patch antenna has high advantages like low profile, light weight, omnidirectional and low-cost, but it also face some disadvantages like low gain ,low VSWR and presence of surface wave leads to reduction of over all performance .To overcome these drawbacks use metamaterial patch antenna and Photonic band gap structures .That will improve overall performance as well as efficiency of the proposed patch antenna . Rectangular patch and microstrip line feeding is also present .On patch micro-triangular pattern is using ,that make the patch to metamaterial, And on ground plane crossed strip lines are using ,also on substrate PBG structure is using to reduce the presence of surface wave. Proposed antenna is simulating using HFSS software. Keywords- Metamaterial, Microtriangles, PBG, VSWR , Surface wave.