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Human Following Intelligent Cart System

Over the past few decades technology has been drastically changing the way of life in the society hence lives of the current generation has been significantly improved by completely becoming dependent on new technologies. It also allows multiple tasks to be completed in less time along with increased efficiency and creates entirely new way to make a living. Shopping mall is a place where most of the people hurry to get their daily necessities. However, shopping carts in major stores have experienced little changes and serve only for simple purposes ever since they have been first manufactured. Consumers often face problems as they are tedious and in convenience to push or pull these carts around and becomes noticeably painful to carry the heavy loads. Even collision occurs if obstacles arise out of sight. After this one, needs to go to billing counter for payments which is a time-consuming process and also results in a long queue at the counters. Our aim is to design an intelligent cart that follows the customer and makes automatic billing which provides more satisfaction and comfortable. Keywords - Cart, DC Motors(H-bridge), RFID Ultrasonic sensors, RF transceivers, LCD.