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Water Utility and Distribution System using PLC and SCADA

This paper is all about scheduling and distribution of water as water becomes the most important resource that needs to be taken care of, it is a natural resource which can be saved and must be utilized properly and never be wasted hence we have come up with a project in order to process the project which changes the perception towards the scarcity in future.Our primary target of the paper is providing the centralized system to monitor and control the entire water distribution system. As the scarcity of drinking water increases day by day, we are in need of preserving drinking water. Here we are proposing a system with PLC (programmable logic controller) and SCADA system through which we can monitor & control entire system with billing management. Here water will be distributed at minimal cost according to the strength of the family, which will be found by govt. database & extra usage will be charged more as per the usage. Also by this system we can track heavy users and charge them or penalize them heavily. Also this entire system can be controlled or accessed through cloud as future enhancement.