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Image Encryption using Persuasive Cued Click Points with Modified EAES in Cloud Storage

The rapid growths of the technology, the user and organizations have stored their confidential data and private images in the cloud storage. This can be a new trend of outsourcing a database to authorized users. The authorized user is called a cloud service provider. Lots of service providers are available in now-a-days. The confidential data and private images need a security in the cloud storage. The double way of authentication scheme to protect the information such as data is embedding into the images these images are retrieved as original using Reversible Data Hiding techniques (RDH). The hidden data to be protected by using the persuasive cued click - points (CCPs) with Modified Efficient AES for providing a better security in the cloud database. The proposed method generates a random key is called SALT key for an image encryption. The SALT key increases the security of confidential data by the combination of data and images. The whole or partial confidential document hidden into the image, the cover image is split into a number of blocks. The user clicks an image randomly each clicks ahead of the next click until the third click to expand the image. Therefore, unauthorized user or untrusted service providers couldn’t gain the attempt of tracking the actual content which was stored by the data owner whether it may be an individual user or an organization. The proposed system is used to reduce the complexity of an algorithm and has civilized the performance result of an image encryption. Keywords- Image Encryption, Persuasive Cued Click-Points, AES, Data Security, RDH.