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Neonatal Healthcare Monitoring in Incubator using Iot

The healthcare monitoring is one of the important domain in medical field which involves continuous monitoring of health parameters from the patients. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is a dedicated area which is used to take care of sick and premature neonates. Baby neonatal Incubator is a closed apparatus used for providing a controlled environment in all the possible ways for the immense care of premature babies. There are various health parameters such as oxygen level, temperature, pulse level, respiration pattern which need to be monitored in order to ensure good health of the neonates. Conventional approaches of baby monitoring in incubators does not efficiently provide real-time parameter updates and requires constant monitoring of baby through the presence of nurses or doctors. Hence, modern technologies must be used in order to track health of infant in the incubator and get updates in any unfavorable condition. The proposed method uses Internet of Things for continuous monitoring of the parameters such as temperature, humidity, Pulse rate of the neonate, gas leakage and light intensity in the incubator. If these parameters exceed from the threshold level, an alert message will be sent to the doctor or to the desired medical person via e-mail or SMS. This system is capable of updating the parameters continuously in the cloud and also avoids continuous monitoring of the neonates by the person. Keywords - Healthcare monitor; NICU; neonates; parameters; Temperature; Humidity; Pulse; Light level