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Serial and Parallel Data Transmission through Li-Fi

Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) is a new technology which focuses on communication by utilizing the visible light spectrum. Li-Fi basically uses already available light sources like LED to transmit data, by blinking the LED. These changes in the intensity of light are detected by a photodetector device which receives the data. Thus, illumination and communication are achieved simultaneously. This paper presents a way for Serial and Parallel Communication of data though Li-Fi. The text is transmitted serially by using a single LED and phototransistor. For parallel transmission, the number of LED and phototransistor is increased. The system realized in this paper utilizes MATLAB(R2017b), Arduino Uno, White LED for transmission of the text. At the receiver side, a phototransistor which is sensitive to visible light is used along with Arduino Uno, MATLAB to complete the reception of the text. Li-Fi offers a completely new method of communication, which has a potential to increase the speed of communication drastically. Keywords - Li-Fi, Visible Light Spectrum, LED, Photodetector (L14G2), Serial Transmission, Parallel Transmission, Arduino Uno, MATLAB(R2017b).