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Smart Toilet

Moving towards our glorious goal of vision 2020 as a developed and prosperous nation, cleanliness is one of the biggest need. ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ being our motto the invention ‘Smart Toilet’ is the great leap towards the cleanliness of our prestigious Indian Railways. Unclean toilets cause contagious diseases which are hazardous for human life. It is a remedy for human health as well as our goal towards ‘clean and smart India’. The purpose of this system is to maintain hygienic level of Railway toilets through automation with the help of IOT. At present, cleanliness system of Indian Railway is worst and leads to health issues. Proposed system automatically cleans the squat pan toilet with the help of robotic arm. There is a sequential cleaning algorithm. The robotic arm has a brush attached to its end effector is used for the cleaning purpose. Water jets are provided. In this system there is minimum usage of water & electricity. Auto door locking system is provided during the working of this system to avoid the human interference. To maintain the periodicity of cleanliness level different kind of sensors are used. A database is maintained which gives all the notifications to authorities of cleaning department of railway on a web page and an android application by using Wi-Fi. The advantages of the system are that it reduces the labour work and its working is flexible. In India this type of project is not implemented. It is affordable for Indian Railway department for its implementation. This system is robust and it has long life. Keywords - Cleanliness, Toilet, IOT, Robotic Arm, Auto door locking, Android Application, Database.