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Tilt Compensator for IMU Sensor Fusion Framework of Human Interactive Robot

In this paper, a tilt compensator for IMU sensor fusion framework is developed for orientation detection of human arm movement for human interactive robot. To get roll and pitch angles of human arm movement, Inertial Measurement Units (IMU): tri-axis accelerometer and tri-axis gyroscope are used with complementary filter. For yaw angle detection, three types of estimation method are discussed. The first type is the estimation using only magnetometer, and the second is using with accelerometer. The last type is compensated using both accelerometer and gyroscope in which complementary filter based tilt compensation is designed. Stable solution to this system is obtained via a sensor fusion and error checking under pitch and role angle changes of human arm. Real-time data logging for this changes are applied to emphasize the accuracy of yaw angle estimation for this framework. Keywords - Accelerometer, Complementary filter, Gyroscope, IMU sensor fusion, Magnetometer, Tilt Compensator.