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Smart Device Controller: Universal Remote Control Using RF And GSM Communication

The proposed paper introduces a Smart Device Controller capable of activating and controlling most of the electronic devices itself such as TV, Fan, AC, Lights, etc. The SDC is a user friendly device that can be a replacement over many other remote controls of various electronic devices such as TV, audio/video player, AC etc. It can also handle various devices that don’t come with remote control like for example lights and fan. The remote controls of the electronic devices are very complex and it is very hard to learn how to use them. We have to go through the user manuals to use it. So how it would be if we can activate and control many of these devices sitting on a chair in one place with simple hand movements which are easy to learn and master. Thus SDC can be a replacement over many of these remote controls which are not easy to handle. Hence the smart device controller will replace all of them and function as same as they does.