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A Scheme for Harmonic Reduction with Multilevel Inverter in Large Synchronous Machine Powered by Static Drive

Many electrical rotating machines are operated nowadays with static drives. Inverters used in theses drives inject harmonics in the system if they are not properly designed. To study this phenomenon, one large machine with static drive (known as SFC) has been taken in this paper. Simulation technique is used to create the virtual model of the system by acquiring parameters from the real system. Built model is validated and further analysis is carried out extracting the system waveforms and frequency spectrums. The level of harmonics is found to be high in the present design of static frequency converter (SFC). To reduce the harmonics level, multilevel inverter has been envisaged as a replacement of the current source inverter used in SFC. Simulation results support this proposed scheme. Though the study is carried out on a specific system but the findings are applicable to all such similar machines. Index terms - Alternators, Inverter, Simulation, Static Frequency Converter, Synchronous Machines.