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Improving Image Forgery Localization using Contourlet Transform with Tampering Possibility Maps

During the previous decade, many work had been done on the image forensics while it is able to defect the tampered images at high accuracy rate by using many technologies and methods like designed mechanism, localization of tampered portion or region of the ordinary or fake image so it may causes many issues and problem, they can still present many challenges specially when the this type of tampering operation is unknown. Some researchers have realized that it is necessary to integrate different forensic techniques to obtain better localization performance. But some important issues have not been comprehensively studied, for example, how to select and improve/readjust proper forensic approaches, and how to fuse the detection results of different forensic approaches to obtain good localization results. In above proposed work we can use the comtourlet transform to obtain the better result other than the previous techniques Keywords - Image, Fusion, Contourlet, Tampering, Forgery, Forensics