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A*PSO-DVSF2: An Optimized Mobile Robot Path Planning Approach

In this paper, a mobile robot path planning ap- proach is proposed for known dynamic environments. This approach is a combination of the famous A* approach and our previously introduced PSO-DVSF2 approach. A* "A-star" is the famous path planning approach used in the generation of an optimised pre-planned global path in known static environments. PSO-DVSF2 is a mobile robot path planning approach for static and dynamic environments that generates a continually changing parameterized Force Field for the robot based on the characteristics of all objects presents in the environment. In some environments, the complex ones especially, the robot could not reach its destination using the PSODVSF2 alone. In such cases, A* is used before PSO-DVSF2 to dress the plan to help PSO-DVSF2 to drive the robot until its destination avoiding the obstacles. In this case, PSO-DVSF2 is used for a local planning modification to avoid unknown obstacles. Simulation results prove the efficiency of this combination of the two approaches to find the optimal path whatever the complexity of the environment. Keywords- Robot path planning, PSO-DVSF, A*, Known dynamic environments.