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Performance Investigation of Linearly Polarized Hybrid Mode and Wavelength Division Multiplexed Transmission Over Multimode Fiber to Enhance System Capacity

In this paper, the performance of 10 Tb/s LP-MDM-WDM (Linearly Polarized-Mode Division Multiplexed-Wavelength Division Multiplexing) multimode fiber link has been investigated using Adaptive MIMO LMS equalization algorithm. It is reported that Adaptive MIMO LMS equalization algorithm at receiver provide best results supporting 625 users covering transmission distance of 700 km over MMF with acceptable BER (<10−8) and Quality-factor (>9.8 dB) to avoid intermodal crosstalk. Featuring distinctive simplicity with reduced interference and low power consumption, the proposed design is ideal to cope up with the higher data capacity of 10 Tb/s supporting 625 users with minimum use of bandwidth for upcoming optical communication at reduced channel spacing of 0.05 nm. Index Terms - LP modes, MMF, MDM, MIMO and WDM