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Efficiency Evaluation of Bagasse Cogeneration Plant by using DEA

Energy is one of the largest driver in our whole world growth and economy. It is one of the major source to increase the living standards of people and Bagasse is highly used fuel in Sugar mill and can be used as an alternative to Coal based generation. In this study, we have taken the Data from the mill that is power generation record from the Year 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015 when mill was working. Two inputs (Total Quantity of Cane crushed, Total home load) and two outputs (Total power generation and Total power Export) are taken for evaluating the efficiencies in different months and years by using CCR and BCC model in Data Envelopment Analysis. Results have been obtained by Banxia Frontier Analyst Software which reveal the fully efficient DMU’s and the other years are potentially improved by reducing the inputs. Keywords- CCR model, BCC model, Sugar mill, DEA, potential improvements.