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Classification of Noisy Brainwaves: Conceptual Study

There's the substantial variety of neurons within the brain that produces different kinds of waves that has its own characteristic properties, these waves create to each electrical and magnetic fields, which may be characterized into five totally different band limits. These area units measured outside skull through Electro Encephalo Graph (EEG). These brain waves are utilized in totally different areas like medical speciality engineering and different non-bio industries. This paper describes the idea of classification of brainwaves to separate noisy brain waves. There have been different strategies that were projected, however, supported the study of existing systems, we've projected our own model within which once the waves area unit recorded with electroencephalogram device their area unit totally different noises which area unit to be separated, thus we have a tendency to did the separation with the assistance of Network of Neural Nets idea, within which we have a tendency to area unit victimization feedforward nets, within which sub-network have totally different properties, with the large storage capacity of patterns in neural nets. Keywords - Electro Encephalo Graph (EEG), Noisy Brainwaves, Network of Neural