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Passivity Analysis of Discrete-time Counterparts of the Bilateral Controlled Teleoperation Systems

This paper presents an analysis of the passivity condition for discrete-time bilateral teleoperation systems. Considering discrete-time controllers for a master-slave teleoperation system can simplify its implementation. Varieties of control schemes have been utilized for the position error based architecture of bilateral teleoperation systems and major concerns such as passivity and transparency have been studied. This paper takes into account the passivity conditions for the discrete counterparts of P-like, PD-like, and PD-like + dissipation controllers. These conditions impose bounds on the controller gains, the damping of the master and slave robots, and the sampling time which help researchers to provide guidelines to have better transparency and passive teleoperation systems. Simulation results are performed to show the effectiveness of the proposed criteria. Keywords - Passivity, Teleoperation Systems, Transparency, Sampled-data Control, Bilateral Control.