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An Intensity Correction Filtration Method for MR Images based on Energy Minimization using B-Splines

Proper analysis of MR images is critical in a variety of diagnosis the medical world. Diagnostic imaging, also known as Medical Imaging, in this type of imaging electromagnetic radiations are used for creation of images of internal structures of the human body so that exact diagnosis can be done. It is being increasingly and widely adopted to provide appropriate diagnosis and treatment of various diseases with a high degree of confidence. Among all the diagnostic imaging techniques, MR imaging systems have received the most attention. The aim of this paper is to propose an energy minimization algorithm to correct intensity in MR images using Spline level set approach..We do active contour segmentation by using level sets Italso involves estimation of Bias Field .We design suitable filtering by fuzzy means and contrast mechanism for MR images. Also results have been shown using image histogram and reconstructed image and compare with that of original one to verify the result. Keywords - Intensity correction, Energy minimization, B-spline etc.