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BER Performance Analysis of an Adaptive Receiver with Imperfect Channel Estimation Over Hoyt Fading Channels

Analysis of Bit Error Rate (BER) has been carried out for Adaptive Continous Rate Multilevel-Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (ACR M-QAM) over Hoyt flat fading channels considering imperfect channel estimation at the receiver side with adaptive transmission techniques. In this analysis the error due to the time delay in the feedback path have been considered. However, the same analysis is valid for any other type of estimation error which may occur in the receiver and degrades the performance of the wireless receiver. In this analysis it has been noticed that the BER is directly related to the amount of correlation between the actual channel gain and the estimated gain. It has been observed from the analysis that the performance of the receiver starts degrading if the correlation between the actual and the estimated channel gain is less than 0.99 and it almost unable to detect if correlation decreases to 0.81. Index Terms - Bit Error Rate, MQAM, Time Delay, Imperfect Channel Estimation, Hoyt Fading Channel.