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Design, analysis and working of a Light generating system using Gravity

It is estimated that the global energy requirement presently is of the order of 15 terawatts and this value expected to increase enormously in the future with the increase in population in developing countries and with the higher standards of living that these countries strive for, and traditional methods of electricity and energy generation such as fossil fuels are merely a tiny blip compared to this number. Therefore, it is of vital importance that we require generation of energy using other non-polluting methods. We can think of a number of ways to generate clean and renewable energy to light up homes such as solar and wind energy but the costs associated with manufacturing and/or setting these systems up are way too high. To solve this problem, we have designed a system that can generate light using gravity. This is much cheaper than the other alternatives, with no operation costs and is a clean and non-polluting form of energy. Keywords - Electricity Generation, Gravity, Leds, DC Generator